Fulfillment Method Introduction

Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF)

What is Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF)?

Fordeal Fulfillment (FBF) is a way for Fordeal to deliver goods. If you choose Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF), all matters after the goods are delivered to the Foredeal operation center will be handed over to Fordeal. At the same time, customer inquiries and other after-sales services will also be taken over by Fordeal. We are the all-round steward of your cross-border business.

FBF benefits:

One of the advantages of FBF is that you don't have to stock up in advance. Once customers place orders, you can print the waybill and ship it to the Fordeal warehouse. We will store, pack and ship your products to cross-border buyers to provide you with efficient Supply chain management services and speed up your store capital turnover.


What if the warehouse is out of stock? Can customers place orders ?


Fordeal provides the possibility to advance sales and ensure your sales priority. Buyers can place orders normally, as long as you can deliver the goods within limited time to fulfill the contract.


What is Self-Shipping ?

If you choose self-delivery, you will store, package and deliver your goods to cross-border buyers through your own warehouse distribution channels. In this process, we will not charge you any self-delivery delivery fees, which need to be paid by you to the third-party carrier.

How to price?

Automatic Pricing

Fordeal provides efficient and convenient automatic pricing tools. You only need to set the expected sales revenue of the goods, and Fordeal will complete the pricing in different countries around the world based on your expected revenue.


Expected Revenue

You only need to set the expected sales revenue of the goods


Fordeal Automatic pricing

We help you calculate the price at which the product is sold to the user


Customers buy through the Fordeal platform

To help you better understand how to automate pricing, for example:

You have a product (such as a dress) that needs to be sold to customers in the UK and UAE countries.

The expected income you hope is ¥3000/piece.

We will help you calculate the relevant expenses (including promotion fee, fulfillment fee and after-sales fee) required for the product to be sold to the two countries such as:

The cost in the United Kingdom is ¥500, and the cost in the UAE is ¥300. The final prices of the product in the two countries are:

United Kingdom: ¥3500 (¥3500=¥3000+¥500)

UAE: ¥3300 (¥3300=¥3000+¥300)

Finally, we make sure that you can get an expected income of ¥3000 per item in every country.

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Fast to get your money

In order to speed up your capital turnover, we provide you with an average account period of only 11 days. Packages sent from the Fordeal domestic operation center will enter our settlement process, and there is no need to pay any handling fees for account withdrawal.

In the meantime, we charge no registration fee when you decide to sell on Fordeal.

Seller shipped

The seller sends the goods to the Fordeal fulfillment center

Fordeal warehousing

The goods enter the fulfillment center

Fordeal shipment

Ship goods from Fordeal domestic fulfillment center

11 days

Payment to the account

Payment to the seller's Fordeal wallet

Description: How to calculate the account period

We settle on the 4th and 19th of each month

Take the 19th as an example. It is an order from the 1st to the 15th of the month that is settled, so for the order on the 1st, its billing period is 18 days, and for the 15th order, its billing period is 4 days.

So the average account period (18+4)/2 is 11.

Fulfillment Features Comparison

Fulfillment Features Comparison

FeaturesFulfillment by Fordeal (FBF)Self-Shipping
Storage Fordeal will store your products a fulfillment center You will store your products in your warehouse
Packaging Fordeal will package your products You will pack your products
Shipping Fordeal will deliver your products to customers You will deliver your products using your delivery associates
Fees Commission Fee+Cross-dock Fee+Overweight/Oversize Fee Commission Fee
Returns and Refunds Fordeal manges it You mange it
Return fees Fordeal manges it You mange it

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