Introduction of registration

Create a Fordeal seller account

Sellers can easily create an account through their mobile phone number.

Creat Online store

After successfully creating a seller's account, please follow the instructions to complete the registration form. To ensure the smooth process, please prepare the application materials we required in advance.

Qualification review

After the admission application materials are successfully submitted, our staff will review your materials as soon as possible within 2 working days (the review time will be postponed during holidays, weekends, and peak hours). The feedback result will be notified via [SMS or email]. Please pay attention to your mobile phone text messages and registered email.

Please log in to your account at Seller Central to check the application progress notification. If you need to supplement/modify the material, please supplement/modify it in time to avoid being closed because there is no supplement/modification for a long time.

Running your business

After your application has passed, your store will be automatically activated, and you can start selling on Fordeal immediately.

If you have any questions during the registration process, please feel free to keep in touch with us so that your questions can be quickly responded to.

Contact us

QQ:800825885 Go to【Seller Customer Service】

Qualification review

Qualification requirements for seller registration on Fordeal:

1. Valid business licenses for companies or individual business in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

2. Have domestic or cross-border e-commerce operation experience

We hope you are:

Sellers with domestic (Taobao, Pinduoduo, etc.) or cross-border (Amazon, etc.) mainstream e-commerce platform operation experience.

Settlement notice

In order to ensure a smooth review of the seller's registration, please read the instructions carefully:

1. Please ensure the authenticity, validity, consistency and accuracy of all information submitted;

2. Please do not find any agency to handle any materials or purchase any materials;

3. Please use the seller's own information and do not borrow any part of the information or materials from other sellers;

If the above-mentioned problems cause your materials are judged to be related or false, which causes the application to be closed and cannot be appealed, the consequences shall be borne by the sellers.

The review processing period usually finish within 2 working days (time will be postponed during holidays, weekends, and peak periods).

Convenient registration process

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