Fulfillment Method Introduction

Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF)

What is Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF) ?

Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF) is a way for Fordeal to deliver product. When you choose FBF, you can send the product to the Fordeal fulfillment central,let Fordeal to store,pack, and ship your order.

You can enjoy free storage and return services!

Fulfillment by Fordeal Fees

Commission Fee

Starting from 4.5%, varies by category.

Cross-dock Fee

This fee is 12% of the price of the product, with the minimum charge of 4 AED and the maximum charge of 12 AED.

Overweight/Oversize Fee

If the weight of a single product exceeds 25KG, the platform will charge an extra 2 AED per kilogram of overweight fee.


What is Self-Shipping?

If you choose Self-Shipping, you need to store, pack and ship your products to customers yourselves.

Self Ship Fees & Shipping Cost

Commission Fee

Starting from 4.5%, varies by category.

Shipping Cost

You will incur cost for shipping goods through a 3rd party carrier .

FBF:Category Commission Fees

CategoryReferral fee percentage
Apparel 29%
Automotive 13%
Baby 13%
Beauty 12%
Books 13%
Camera 7%
Consumer Electronics 7%-12%
Electronics Accessories 7%
Furniture 13%
Health & Personal Care 11%
Home 13%
Jewelry 10%
Kitchen 12%
Major appliances 7%-12%
Mobile Phones 5%
Music 13%
Music instruments 12%-22%
Office products 7%-13%
Outdoor 13%
PC store 7%
Perfumes 12%
Personal care Appliances 11%
Pet Products 13%
Shoes 29%
Sports 29%
Tools 7%-16%
Toys 13%
Video & DVD 6%
Video Game Consoles 7%-12%
Video Games 10%-12%
Watches 16%
Wireless 10%-12%
All other Categories 4.5%-29%

Fulfillment Features Comparison

Fulfillment Features Comparison

FeaturesFulfillment by Fordeal (FBF)Self-Shipping
Storage Fordeal will store your products at fulfillment center You will store your products in your warehouse
Packaging Fordeal will pack your products You will pack your products
Shipping Fordeal will deliver your products to the customer You will deliver your products using your delivery associates
Fees Commission Fee+Cross-dock Fee+Overweight/Oversize Fee Commission Fee
Returns and Refunds Fordeal manges it You mange it
Return fees Fordeal manges it You mange it

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