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We can deliver your products to customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. We are still trying to expand our sales area.

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Why sell on Fordeal?

Easy start-up

No matter you are the brand owner or reseller, with our step-by-step orientation guidance, you don't need to worry about not having any online business experience, our operation experts will provide you one-on-one service with no additional cost.

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Effective delivery

Fordeal ensures the fast delivery of your business in the entire global market.

If you choose Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF), let us manage the shipping, returns and customer service of your products.

You can also take care of your delivery by choosing self-shipping.

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Ease stock pressure

If your warehouse does not have enough inventory space, customers can still complete the order, as long as you can replenish the inventory timely according to the customers’ needs. This process ease the facilitation of the capital turnover of your business.

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Safe and fast withdrawal

The transaction is safe and fast. Fordeal provides a 7-day account period service far shorter than the industry average, the settlement is completed when the parcel is sent from Fordeal fulfillment center, so that the funds can be quickly turned over, and there is no extra fees to pay for withdrawal.

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Make money

The costs to sell in Fordeal stores depends on which category of products you sell,and how you plan to fulfill orders.The options are flexible,so you can find what works best for your business and goals.

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